ICYMI: Caitlyn Jenner’s New Ad Highlights Gavin Newsom’s Failures


FOX NEWS: California gov. candidate Caitlyn Jenner targets Newsom's failings in new campaign video


“The video is a call-to-arms for voters to make the state competitive again with the likes of Texas and Florida, which have seen a surge of new residents, with a large number coming from California.”


“Jenner’s message focuses on the business environment and regulations in California, which she believes have contributed to the exodus. She previously highlighted Newsom's overreach on a number of areas, including taxes and regulation.”


“One of the driving factors that caused many to consider a change of address was California’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, often cited as one of the strictest lockdowns. However, the lockdown appeared to exempt certain politicians, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s infamous hair salon appointment or Newsom’s own ‘French laundry’ dinner.”


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NEW YORK POST: Caitlyn Jenner’s new campaign ad for California gov flashes back to Olympic glory


“The gold medal is on screen for three seconds of the ad, as Jenner’s voiceover says, ‘We need to compete against the other states like Texas and Florida that are taking our citizens and our businesses away.’”


“California’s current governor Gavin Newsom has seen his popularity in the state sink amid ongoing lockdowns — and his own peculiar habit of enforcing the rules for others but not himself.”


“Angry residents are hoping to oust him in a recall and have gathered enough signatures to force a vote on the issue that will likely happen in November 2021.”


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THE HILL: Caitlyn Jenner in new campaign video slams California for being No. 1 in regulations, taxes and 'people exiting'


“Reality star Caitlyn Jenner (R), who is running for governor of California, released a campaign video on Saturday slamming the state for being No. 1 one in regulations, taxes and ‘people exiting.’”


“’We’re number one in regulations, we’re number one in taxes and we’re number one in people exiting the state,’ Jenner said.”


“’It doesn’t have to be that way. They’re leaving for one reason and one reason only, and that is overbearing government, overreaching government, overtaxing us, overregulating us,’ Jenner added.”


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