Caitlyn Jenner for California Releases New Ad: “We’re #1”



May 15, 2021

Los Angeles County–Caitlyn Jenner for California today released a new ad titled, “We're #1,” detailing the disastrous results of one-party rule in Sacramento that has led to California being number one in regulations and taxes.


Gavin Newsom and his special interest friends have created a devastating economic environment where Californians are fleeing from high taxes and overburdening regulations that makes the California Dream almost impossible.

Watch the video here


Jenner narrates the video by saying: “Right now in California, we’re number one in regulations, we’re number one in taxes, and we’re number one in people exiting this state. It doesn’t have to be that way."


 “They’re leaving for one reason and one reason only. And that is overbearing government, overreaching government, overtaxing us, overregulating us."


 “We need to go to Sacramento with a different approach. We need less regulations, we need less taxes, we need to compete against other the other states like Texas and Florida that are taking our citizens and our businesses away. We need to compete with them. I’m very good at competing, I guarantee you that. And I like winning. But we need to compete with these states." 


“We need to change what’s happening here. We’ve got more to offer here in California than Texas or Florida, combined. We just have to have a good business environment and less regulations on the people here in this state and that’s what I plan on fighting for.“ 

"I need your support. I cannot do this alone. Let’s take back California for the people.”