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  • lisa bindas

    Hello Caitlyn, I am writing to you on behalf of a friend of mine who is finally after 60 years becoming her authentic self. Ronnie (formerly RON) has recently shared her hidden battle of wanting to be a woman with her family, friends and even the public. Her wife and family are behind her 100% and her journey is just beginning. In speaking with her she has shared that YOU were her inspiration growing up. Ron became an outstanding gymnast even though he was being forced to be a boy/man. He had so many testosterone shots (that his mom and dad were told by a doctor would make him more masculine and make him stop wanting to dress as a girl) that he was super strong and could walk on his hands across a football field! Ron worked at his family’s gas station, became a selectman in a local town, and currently works at a prison where he undergoes mental anguish daily. On a recent detail with the police department a woman walked up to her in the middle of an intersection and asked if she could ask her a question. Ronnie said “sure” and the woman proceeded to ask ” What are you?”. I can tell you that Ronnie is one of the most positive and mentally strong people I know and she helps everyone! I know inside she is hurting from the stares and negative comments. She has decided to have future surgeries to become “HERSELF”. Tomorrow she is having a gastric bypass at Tobey Hospital in Wareham, Massachusetts. The hardest part of her journey is yet to come and we would love to give her the confidence and support she needs to stay strong and realize she is doing the right thing for herself and her family. I know it would mean “THE WORLD” to Ronnie if you could somehow reach out to her and let her know she WILL be ok. I mentioned that an acquaintance of mine, Chili Pepper, knew you and mentioned that you were a good source of inspiration. Ronnie was so taken aback since again you were an icon that she looked up to! She said if there were anyone she would want to speak with about her choice it would be YOU! If there were ANY possible way to reach out even for a “moment” it would mean so much to her. So many people love her and she does so much for everyone else it would be so nice to have her get the inspiration she deserves as well. Ronnie (Ron) Manzone lives in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Her phone number is 508-989-1928. Her surgery is tomorrow morning at 10:15 am and she will probably be at Tobey Hospital in Wareham, MA for a couple of days. I know how hard it is to be strong enough to live as your authentic self as my partner Jaci and I have been together for 24 years and own a business together…. not everyone is nice. ūüôĀ It has been a lifelong journey for us as well and we know how cruel people can be. Luckily people like yourself have been brave enough to stand out and up and make people realize that we are all PEOPLE who need to accept and LOVE EACH OTHER! Bigs HUGS to you Caitlyn and feel free to contact me as well. (Lisa 774-678-5008) Take care!:)

  • Louisa Malaspina

    Good Morning Caitlyn
    I would to write to you, do you have an address that I can mail to you.
    And by the way I enjoy watching you as a guest on tv shows, you have such a lovely conversational voice an demeanor. You make transgendering very easy for anyone of any age to understand and be very comfortable with accepting . thank you Louisa Malaspina

  • Chlo√© Fortin

    Dear Caitlyn,

    I work for the Olympic Park in Montréal as a touristic guide (yes, where you competed in 1976) and as a trans woman, I must say that you are an inspiration for me. It has not been easy for me coming out 4 years ago and of course knowing the community had strong people like you to create some awareness made everything easier. Even if sometimes I did not agree with everything you said, your impact on the community is a good one.

    I’m writing to raise an issue that I think you’d be interested to be informed of, concerning my workplace and concerning you. As one of the great winners of 1976, you are honored in many places at the Olympic Park. Although even if some installations (like our permanent exhibition on the games) are new, the Olympic Park is still not recognising your identity. You are still misgendered on all information panels and your deadname is also used. I personally think it is disrespectful and that’s why I am fighting since your coming out, to change things. So that your identity, who you are, can be respected as it should, for any human being. So far, nothing has changed unfortunately. I am continuing the fight, I got angry the other day towards the administration and I hope things will change. I can keep you informed if you like.

    Also, if you ever come back to Montréal and want to revisit this Olympic Stadium where you accomplished a great performance in 1976, give me a heads up, I would love to give you a tour myself.

    Take care and continue your work towards a more respectful society and a trans friendly society.

    Love from Montréal,


  • Stacy Calhoun

    Hi Caitlyn: I was going through photographs of you recently and you look amazing. I have a suggestion to complete your look. When posing push back your shoulders, keep your legs together and point your toes in the same direction. Just like you do when sitting. Thanks for listening.

  • Xoey Orabela

    Hey Caitlyn,
    My name is Xoey and I just came out a month ago!! At the moment I’m homeless and unemployed, but I have some minor plans in place to fix that. I’m wondering how exactly to do this transition though. I know the path I want to go with it and I really want to start my modeling career in the next few years here. Feel free to ask any questions by the way! I’m not scared to answer anything!ūüėä

  • John T. Miller

    Hi beautiful Caitlyn, I am a man who is the same age as you and I have always wanted to be a woman. To be able to go out in public and be Julie marie, would be my lifes dream. I have been dressing up as a girl since I was a young child. My mind and my body always told me I am a girl. I wished I could be on female hormones, because at least I could be part woman. You have a beautiful family accepting you as Caitlyn. My family, or whats left of my family don’t really have anything to do with me. I am low income and haven’t alot of money, but if I did I would be shopping for all womens clothing, and take lots of hormone pills to be Julie Marie. I hate hiding my true identity, I want Julie to come out into the world. I think all trans women are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life Caitlyn. Hugs, Julie Marie

  • marcia

    Today I found out in google that you had your unmentionable removed several years ago. I congratulate you on going all the way, I do not fully accept when people change what God made them to be but I 100% agree that people should be happy so for that I am glad you are happy and living the way you choose Question is- will have have your voice changed to a female voice?

  • Sheila

    Hi Miss Jenner,

    I was wondering if it’s possible to write to personally like an email when like me need someone to speak to who won’t judge me. I’m feeling right now I’m falling into pieces inside.

    Yours truly,

  • Kristina Donovan

    Good Afternoon Ms. Jenner,

    I am 54, already surgically reduced to a hefty D-size, and just over a month ago, I accidentally found a way to take my breasts (I’m gonna say boobs; please don’t hate!) out of my golf swing (like 90% but feels like 100%)! I think you know now what I mean: swing as a man, no boobs in the way. Swing with a big rack (yes, you my dear :)) and you got obstacles.

    What happened: I dug out an old bra which never fit (too small) and a tight sport-type under garment, put these on and it squished my boobs to the middle….Wait, what??? I have never tried this or heard of this anywhere! I helped them out a bit more and pushed and squeezed them up and center….as close to under my chin as possible.

    I went to go hit balls and I discovered my secret to big breasts golfing: not breast flattening but breast placement; shove them up and center!

    OMG (oh my gosh); no boobs under the arms (before-during-or after swing), no boobs against my arms when setting up to swing; it was like the triangle between my shoulders and hands wrapped around the shaft was clear for a full, unobstructed swing…just like you used to and…and….well, those less endowed.

    I removed the boobs and found a swing! This last Sunday after about a months play, I got my first two bogeys! I may have to begin keeping score!

    I hope you can use this info for your golf game. I took lessons in college and with these obstacles, with the only lame suggestions of swinging under or over the boobs or just get used to them being all over the place, all over your swing, I gave it up.

    I have requested a fitting for a custom bra from Lily Pad Designs. She was the only custom bra person willing to step up and take on this endeavor. I hope the uni-bra it is not too noticeable but really, I care more about Power and Precision before Fashion.

    If you could or would, give the ‘to the middle and up’ a try if you wish and if you agree, please:
    Tell one, tell all!!

    Thank you for your time Ms. Jenner!

    Kristina Donovan

  • Breanna Elliott

    I have to much to talk about. When I first saw that you came out when other people were saying rude things I was thinking to myself I would love to be her that is so cool I could never do that. Well December 2018 I did! With the help of you and some other people I knew I could too. It has been the journey so far but I have never been happier in my life I will be turning 51 soon it has been a longer Journey pretending to be somebody I was not. All I can say now is thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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