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    NC, GA, TN, and SD: What’s Next?

    Hi friends, There’s a lot of news out there about bills in different state legislatures that are good or bad for the LGBT community. Lately, they’ve been mostly not-so-good bills. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of message these harmful bills send, especially to transgender youth growing up in these states. In North Carolina, the governor signed a law that, among other things, forces transgender people to use restrooms that don’t match the gender they live every day. Mississippi recently passed a broad anti-LGBT bill which also includes language that would allow any business or employer to force transgender people into the wrong restroom, putting their…

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    Driven to Make a Change: A Trans Woman’s Spiritual Journey

    Chandi Moore is a rock-star in our community. She will knock your socks off with the sheer force of her personality and heart for those around her. When I have struggled with my transition, Chandi has been there to remind me of what it means to have inner strength — sometimes with laughter (please look up her horse escapades) and other times with real talk. No transition is easy, but when Chandi says she “gets it,” she’s had the experiences to back that up. She shared some of her life story on I Am Cait, but I want to give her the floor to share more about her journey and…

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