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    Love Transcends Gender: One Man’s Love for a Trans Woman

    Ever since I transitioned, I’ve been asked, “Who are you going to date?” Here’s my answer: Me! Nine months into this and I’m still learning who I am. However, the road trip with my girls has put a lot of things into perspective (as I’m sure you saw last night on I Am Cait…). Something that has really struck me is the difficulty of dating as trans woman or trans man. Because I get so many questions about this topic, I thought I’d consult with someone who knows a lot more about this topic than I do. Without further ado, meet Jerid—the wonderful man who loves my beautiful and brilliant…

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    The Mantra That Has Seen Me Through It All

    It’s no secret that I’m an advocate of hard work. I believe there’s nothing more empowering for people (and for society) than when we are providing for ourselves and our families. The problem, however, is when hard-working people—like my trans brothers and sisters—are discriminated against simply because they are trans. Some employers tell us, “I can’t hire you; you’d confuse the customers.” And, you know what? That’s legal in 32 states. Because of the lack of legal protections and the unwillingness of employers to give us an equal chance, the unemployment rate in the transgender community is double the national unemployment rate—quadruple if you are a transgender person of color.…

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    Meet My Friend, Ella

    Sometimes life happens in the funniest ways. After my interview with Diane Sawyer aired last spring, my friend Ronda got a call from a guy she went out with many, many years ago. He told her that his child had recently transitioned and had become his daughter, Ella. I learned a little bit about Ella’s story and invited her to one of my regular girls’ nights, so she could meet all the other women. She was just absolutely delightful—and so appreciated being a part of everything. She was like a sponge, learning as much as she could from these trans women with years of experience. I realized how important it…