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    What I’ve Learned

    Hello friends. Caitlyn here. As the first season of my show, I Am Cait, comes to end, I find myself reflecting on my journey so far and just how rewarding it has been. My experience over the last four months has been incredible. Many people have come up to me and told me their stories. It turns out lots of you have friends or family members who are transgender. Who knew? I never would have had these conversations if I had not come out publicly and finally lived my truth. For so long, people – myself included – were embarrassed to talk about transgender issues and now we finally have…

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    How Has My Skin Care Changed Since Transitioning ?

    Hi everyone! I get asked about my skin care all the time and wanted to share some insight with you. DK: Hi Caitlyn. I’m curious–how has your skin and skin care changed since your transition? You are beautiful!  Remember, skin is the largest organ of the body–we have to take care of it. xx Cait Have a question for me? Submit it here.

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